Common Tasks

Common Administrative Tasks after setting up.

TBD means ‘To Be Documented’

Maximum email rates

For any email account in the current hour (not per hour):

  • 100 emails can be received
  • 300 emails can be sent

DNS (Domain Names)

Adding a New Domain Name with Namecheap


Adding a New Domain name with ZGUS Email


Adding security certificates


Email Accounts

Adding a New Account


Adding Forwarding


Resetting password

Through the server


With Roundcube Webmail



Setting up server side filtering

With Thunderbird


With Roundcube Webmail


SPAM Filtering


Avoiding triggering SPAM threshold scores

From our upcoming Terms Of Service

“Outgoing spam from our servers will not be tolerated. Spam is defined as unsolicited e-mail. All mailing lists must be double opt-in, meaning that clients must sign up and then verify their e-mail address to be added to your mailing list. Violations of this policy will result in service termination. Spam found to be intentional will result in our partners sharing encryptions of your name, e-mail, IP address and more with for their database of spammers. Additionally, intentional unsolicited marketing emails will be billed at a rate of US$1 per email by our partners.”

General Comments

ZGUS Email uses a SPAM score system for your outgoing email similar to

The basic rule is do not send anything that can be interpreted as unsolicited. If you are a small club, then emailing updated information to your members, where there is no clear indication the email is solicited (agreed to), by specifically NOT providing an opt out link, then you are fairly interpreted as sending unsolicited email and so your SPAM score can go over an accepted limit.

If you represent an organisation then almost every email sent through a mailing list, including updates, will be regarded as marketing, as marketing includes seeking a benefit, raising awareness or updating details of your services, no matter how indirect. So if you do represent an organisation, cover yourself by using a proper mailing list where all members have double opted-in and there are unsubscribe and change preferences links.

Mailing List links:

  • Mailchimp has a free level if you forgo custom branding
  • Listmonk is free, open-source, has double opt-in and is self hosted.

Mailchimp don’t even use the term ‘mailing list’. They upfront call mailing lists for what they are: marketing.

Here are some quick tips

  • Always state who you are with a web link, name and a physical address
  • Always provide an unsubscribe link (that uses the word ‘unsubscribe’ as part of the link) to a form that works, even if just a simple Google Form. You can verify an unsubscribe request with an email but it is preferable you use a scheme that has already verified the legitimacy of the unsubscribe request.
  • Use email merging to send customised email individually. Do not use BCC (blind carbon copy)
  • Be specific and clear with your language and message. Avoid language and phrases that will up your SPAM score. We won’t mention such words here.
  • Do not use all capitals in your subject line. It also looks unprofessional.
  • Do not use free email services, such as Gmail. It also looks unprofessional.

Free email services, like Gmail, are fine for private use (if you accept information in your email being mined for commercial purposes), which is their intended use.

Spamming is unfair. It can get you, others and us booted from high quality and inexpensive shared services. It can intensely annoy recipients and make them feel negative to you in a way you cannot appreciate because you believe you have a worthy cause, worthy mission or provide an exemplary service that exempts you from normal rules.

Using Tickets


Using free static web hosting elsewhere