ZGUS Email Hosting

Use Multiple Domains

Host multiple email domains. Use forwarding to share hosted email accounts among domains and for reasonable external forwarding. We expect to be used for real, not as a massive forwarding service!

Use Multiple Email Accounts

Create multiple email accounts. Use aliasing and plus addressing. The only fixed limit is total storage used!

Variable Storage Allocation

You get a total storage for all email accounts combined as used. Total email accounts combined allocation can be over total storage as long as real usage not over total storage!

Web Admin

Web Admin tools based on 'Direct Admin' for your IT support

Reliable Partners

Teamed with vendor partners with proven reliability track record

Easier and Secure Connections

Encouraging DNS and Host configuration for more painless email client setup, with secure IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Webmail included.

Delegated Control

For those who want to keep costs down and so are willing to do their own domain management and email administration

In Beta by Invitation

Participation is by invitation while evaluating.

No spamming rule protects us all

Clear guidelines on avoiding getting labelled a spammer and so getting you (and us) the boot from high quality and inexpensive services! It is not as easy as you might think!

Ticket Support

Fallback to ticket support if searching our documentation and elsewhere cannot answer your question

Highly Managed. Custom Spam Filters

Servers are managed and threats are monitored for. Custom spam filter Rspamd rules and internal RBL.


Frequent audits, security automation, physical monitoring in datacentre.